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 Cardio TocoGraph Machine Information

As well as the Support Packs and information provided by the Charity, we also wanted to help to try to prevent the loss of a baby in some way. As the charities second objective, we have donated some CTG equipment to the Brighton & Sussex NHS Trust.


This equipment was also very significant during Annabelís short life, so we felt it an important link between Annabel and Stillbirth. CTG equipment is used to monitor the babies heart beat, and is one of the methods used to detect foetal distress. Detecting foetal distress could reduce the possibility of another baby being stillborn.


 Equipment Donated by the Charity

The Annabel Harwood Trust has donated the following CTG equipment to the Brighton & Sussex NHS Trust:

CTG Machine

We asked the Brighton & Sussex NHS Trust to choose a CTG monitor that they would find most useful. They chose the Fetal Assist monitor as shown above. We also purchased various optional extras to allow the machine to be used for future research and training purposes.

For more information on the Fetal Assist monitor, visit



HR-S6856 Video Recorder

This video player is used on the Echocardiography System within the Trevor Mann special baby unit, and is used to record Babies heart activity. The images can then be sent electronically to other specialists throughout the country, for quick analysis and diagnosis of the recording.